A New Way to Plan for Retirement

You have a WELL-DEVELOPED PRACTICE and you’re contemplating retirement. But retirement laws have held back minimum funding of a pension plan that would have allowed you to live as you wanted. However, now you can obtain both immediate cash and ongoing, non-cash benefits by combining a newly defined benefit pension with an early sale of your practice. The plan involves starting a new retirement program now, using cash from the sale of your practice to fund the retirement program and start living the “good life” earlier. In short, combining the sale of your practice with an employment contract from the buyer [...]

A New Way to Plan for Retirement2012-12-26T10:45:30-07:00

The Associate Buy-In

In this day and age of deferred retirements, more practice owners are making the decision to have an associate join their practice. Hiring an associate may allow the senior dentist to take more time off and still maintain some income. Before such an endeavor is undertaken, it should be realized that an associate buy-in is much more complex than the outright sale of a practice. There is more stress and much more detail to deal with. It entails a lot more work and all involved need to be aware that it may take more than one try to get the [...]

The Associate Buy-In2010-05-17T10:48:42-06:00
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