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September 21, 2017 WebWorkz DigitalADS Blog0

ADS Precise Consultants dental practice listings – New! September 2017

  • GP Littleton, CO – 3 chairs, 750M
  • GP Lakewood, CO – 6 chairs, 540k collections
  • GP Ken Caryl, CO – 5 chairs, 700k collections
  • GP Aurora (East), CO – 5 chairs, 695k collections
  • GP Aurora (South), CO – 3 chairs, could expand to 6, 650k collections
  • PERIO – south Denver Suburb, 550k, collections

If you like the the mountains, rural plains, or metro Denver – with or without commercial real estate – check us out at


New! Two “shell” dental office locations available 

  • 8 and 10 ops. Northern Colorado Springs and Central Denver, respectively
  • fully equipped with no patient base
  • choice location
  • great option for startup or second location

New! (1723) PERIO:  South Denver Suburb 

  • very nicely equipped, 3 op
  • 550k collection
  • 55%+ profit
  • doc retiring

New! (1720) Centennial, CO

  • 550k collections with historical 800+ revenue
  • 5 op General family practice
  • highly desireable location
  • doc retiring

New! (1722) Littleton, CO

  • 750k collections – General family practice
  • 3 ops, well equipped,
  • choice location
  • doc retiring


“As I mark my 40th year as a Colorado dentist, I reflect back on the past year of uncertainty and anxiety. I was faced with the sale of my building (where I leased space) and would need to vacate within eight months! The realization came fast and hard that I was faced with the prospect of either opening a new office or the equally difficult prospect of trying to sell my practice to a new dentist with the knowledge that he or she would not have a physical office in which to practice. That is when I turned to ADS Precise Consultants in Denver, CO for help.  Through the guidance and diligent efforts of ADS Precise, I was able, within thirty days, to connect to a Buyer with extra space in his practice that wanted to buy my practice and have me work for him as an employee until I was ready to retire. What a perfect opportunity! ADS Precise guided me through the negotiations and purchase of my practice with speed, expertise, and a minimum of difficulties . . like clock-work. I cannot praise ADS Precise Consultants enough for the ease and professionalism with which they accomplished the sale of my practice. I can know transition into retirement at my own pace knowing that I and my patients are in good hands. Thanks  ADS Precise.” – Daniel Wherely, D.D.S.

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