ADS Precise Consultants

ADS Precise Consultants have over 25 years of experience selling dental practices in the Rocky Mountain Region. We focus on AZ, CO, WY, NV, UT, NE, and KS and know the laws, demographics and insurance plans for each state. Our team will perform a close analysis of your individual practice and provide personalized attention throughout the process of selling or purchasing a dental practice. We use appraisal industry guidelines to accommodate individual practices and can even help you relocate to any part of the U.S. Not only will our agents and brokers work with you closely, but we have built professional relationships with attorneys, CPAs, insurance agents, consultants, and banking institutions to help create the most positive outcome possible whether you are selling or purchasing a dental practice. Ultimately, our goal is to help you save time, hassle and money.


“I wanted to thank you for recently guiding me through the process of selling my practice. I never imagined it would go so smoothly! I attribute this, not only to the compatibility between [the buyer] and I, but also to your hard work and professionalism in keeping us on task.

[The buyer] seems to be doing well and enjoying his new “practice.” As for me, I too am enjoying my new found freedom and sometimes can’t imagine how I did dentistry day in and day out for twenty years! I am so relieved to be passing on the legacy! Thanks again.”
Dr. Sally Preston
“Peter and Jed advised both me and the buyer on how to make the transition smooth and seamless.”
Dr. Jan Heidbreder, Castle Rock, CO
“They were not only concerned about me and my experience, but also for my staff and patients. We have multiple dentists interested in our practice. Peter and Jed helped us to identify the ‘best’ dentist buyer for everyone concerned.”
Dr. George Cope, Brighton, CO
“My experience with ADS Precise Consultants was smooth and stress-free.”
Dr. Roger Northern
“Peter and Jed were especially instrumental in negotiating a very favorable tax treatment of my practice sale. This saved me thousands of dollars in taxes.”
Dr. John Volp, Jr., Littleton, CO
“I have known Peter for over 15 years and have nothing but good things to say about him. He is a man that you can trust.”
Dr. Sheldon Ciner, Denver, CO
“I wholeheartedly recommend ADS Precise Consultants, Peter and Jed to anyone who is contemplating transitioning their dental practice.”
Dr. Olen Crockett, Lakewood, CO
“Thank you for your professional advice and work. You were very helpful and provided a lot of guidance during the transition process. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”
Dr. John Filippi
“Thanks to you both. The sale of our practice went as smoothly as anyone could have possibly expected. Peter and I are so pleased with how you have managed all aspects of this transition for us. You were there at every step, offering support and guidance in a timely manner. You guys Rock! We could not have asked for better buyers also. Phil and Maria have been wonderful to work with and they have made us and all our staff feel confident about how the practice and our long term patients will be treated. I cannot imagine a more perfect situation for us all.”
Dr. Liliane Brantes & Dr. Peter Vanicek
“They advised me all through the process including how to mitigate my taxes on the sale as much as possible. Peter and Jed gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process.”
Dr. Walter Davis, Boulder, CO
“Peter and Jed were especially instrumental in negotiating a very favorable tax treatment of my practice sale. This saved me thousands of dollars in taxes.”
Dr. John Volp, Jr., Littleton, CO
“I have known Peter for over 15 years and have nothing but good things to say about him. He is a man that you can trust.”
Dr. Sheldon Ciner, Denver, CO

Selling a Dental Practice

The first step in helping you with selling your dental practice is to have you fill out the Seller Packet on our website which will then be forwarded to Peter Marabito and Jed Esposito. Once the Seller packet is submitted, the information will be reviewed and we will contact you for additional information in order to develop a pricing model for you. We do not charge to develop a pricing model. We evaluate your current financial information and then conduct a short phone interview in order to gather information about your dental practice. Estate appraisals are available upon request but are not required to give your practice a sale value.

Once the pricing model is completed, we will contact you to schedule a time to review your dental practice and go over the listing agreement. We will also discuss our strategy to sell your dental practice and answer any questions that you have.

Once the listing agreement is signed, our brokers and agents will visit your practice in order to become familiar with it and be able to answer any questions from potential buyers. At this point, your practice will be placed on the market for sale.

We understand that each practice is different and we are confident that we conduct the best methods in order to provide you the most qualified buyers in the least amount of time. Once you have selected your candidates, the process as a whole usually takes 45 to 60 days to complete the entire transaction.

Buying a Dental Practice

ADS Precise Consultant’s objective is to train a potential buyer on the proper method of moving through the purchasing process. The first step is to pair you with a trained and licensed broker who will conduct a phone interview with you to obtain basic information and determine your wants and needs. The assigned broker will be your personal contact throughout the process with ADS Precise Consultants.

We prefer to meet with you in person at our Denver office in order to develop a more personal relationship with the agent and broker you will be working closely with to go over what to look for when considering to purchase a dental practice and how we develop and provide information as well as answer any questions. We understand that meeting with us in person isn’t always a possibility so we are always available to meet over the phone and answer any questions along with assisting you with your dental practice search.

If you are interested in purchasing a dental practice, we would be pleased to keep you advised of your options on an ongoing basis. There is no cost or obligation to be added to our lists or to be kept informed of what is on the market. We do ask that a confidentiality form be signed as we will be sharing privileged information with you regarding our listings.

Because of the busy market for dental practices, we encourage you to provide your broker an email address so we can quickly and conveniently update and keep you advised of any new listings. We can also keep you up to date through a fax number or phone call if you prefer. We also maintain a complete listing of all current dental practices for sale on our website as well.