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Oral Surgery Practice for sale . . in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado

Did you know that Outside Magazine hails the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado as one of the "best places to live". 700+ collections with a small town feel and an outdoor person's dream lifestyle. Share with your OMS friends and tell them to head west! steve@adsprecisse.com and 303.759.8425

Oral Surgery Practice for sale . . in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado2021-12-12T15:07:11-07:00

Thank you Dr. Pixley – Fort Collins, CO!

"We knew before beginning the transition process that there are some situations in life where you absolutely need to hire an expert. The sale of our dental practice was one of them.  After meeting with all the other brokers and then ADS Precise Consultants  . . . we decided to use ADS Precise. Our experience with ADS Precise Consultants was as much better than expected.  Jed and  Pete were professional, thorough, accurate, and persistent . . . they gave us peace of mind throughout the entire process." - Dr. Thomas and Linda Pixley; Fort Collins, CO / Past President, Colorado [...]

Thank you Dr. Pixley – Fort Collins, CO!2017-06-15T10:40:49-06:00

Just Starting Your Dental Career? Here Is Why You Should Buy an Established Dental Practice

By the time you finally graduate from dental school, you might be eager to open your first practice. Instead of purchasing an existing dental practice, you might be tempted to break ground on your own building, hire a graphic designer to create your own custom logo, and start interviewing dental assistants and account managers. However, while it might seem enticing to build your own practice from the ground up, most new dentists can’t afford to do it. Bootstrap Your Dental Career by Buying An Established Practice The simple fact of the matter is that there are more expenses to think [...]

Just Starting Your Dental Career? Here Is Why You Should Buy an Established Dental Practice2021-10-26T12:49:24-06:00

We Make Selling Your Dental Practice Easier

After spending years growing your dental practice, it can be hard to say goodbye to your coworkers and your loyal patients. Unfortunately, if it is time to move to a different state or retire, you might be faced with shutting your doors or handing your entire business over to a dentist that you don’t know. We know that this transition can be painful and overwhelming for dental professionals, which is why we specialize in matching your business with buyers who meet your criteria. After we meet with you and evaluate your needs, we will work hard to decide the right [...]

We Make Selling Your Dental Practice Easier2015-12-08T10:40:25-07:00

Practice Sale Prep: What Buyers Are Looking For In a Dental Practice

In order to effectively prepare your practice for sale, it is important to know what buyers want and what they will be looking for in a practice. As practice brokers, owners of dental practices often ask us “When should I start preparing my practice for sale?” One of the most enlightening projects for a dental practice owner is to have the value of their practice appraised. In the process of gathering information for the valuation, practice owners learn a lot about their own practice. The valuation will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the practice, which will be identified by [...]

Practice Sale Prep: What Buyers Are Looking For In a Dental Practice2021-12-12T15:07:33-07:00

A New Way to Plan for Retirement

You have a WELL-DEVELOPED PRACTICE and you’re contemplating retirement. But retirement laws have held back minimum funding of a pension plan that would have allowed you to live as you wanted. However, now you can obtain both immediate cash and ongoing, non-cash benefits by combining a newly defined benefit pension with an early sale of your practice. Leveraging Your Dental Practice's Value for Retirement The plan involves starting a new retirement program now, using cash from the sale of your practice to fund the retirement program and start living the “good life” earlier. In short, combining the sale of your practice [...]

A New Way to Plan for Retirement2021-10-26T12:34:40-06:00

The Associate Buy-In

In this day and age of deferred retirements, more practice owners are making the decision to have an associate join their practice. Hiring an associate may allow the senior dentist to take more time off and still maintain some income. Before such an endeavor is undertaken, it should be realized that an associate buy-in is much more complex than the outright sale of a practice. There is more stress and much more detail to deal with. It entails a lot more work and all involved need to be aware that it may take more than one try to get the [...]

The Associate Buy-In2010-05-17T10:48:42-06:00
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