Key Steps to Selling a Dental Practice

1) Build Your Team of Advisors: Broker/Consultant, CPA/Accountant and an Attorney and keep them in the look on all topics big and small. Trusted advisors are key to a smooth transition and in the end will save you time and money. 2) Prepare to Transition Clearly outline the goal you have for transitioning your practice with your Broker. Be brutally honest with why your transitioning now and what your concerns are in transitioning your practice. 3) Secure a Practice Valuation from a degreed dental analyst. You need to find out what your practice is worth in the current market environment [...]

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Tips for Preparing to Sell Your Dental Practice

Confidentiality is Key: Telling your staff, your friends, and your patients that you are considering retiring in two years will guarantee that you will have no practice left to sell in two years. Your patients will start looking for a new and younger dentist, and your staff will have their ear to the ground for their next job. There will be plenty of time for your retirement announcement after you have sold your practice and your check has been deposited in the bank. Make sure that your CPA, your significant other, and your children realize the importance of non-disclosure. Marketing: [...]

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